Being Petite Should Not Limit Your Wardrobe: The 3 Biggest Mistakes Petite Women Make & the 1 Thing to Fix It!

Alice and Maxine, customers of ours, are both petite women who like to look their best in tailored clothes that fit beautifully and they are not about to let being a little shorter than average stop them from looking sensational.
At The Kawartha Store we see women come out of the change room in a great outfit but for the more petite woman it maybe 1) the sleeves are too long, 2) the pant leg is too long or 3) the hem on the dress is too long. When this happens women often leave disappointed or they take a piece home that is not exactly right for their height.
But getting the right fit is not just takes knowing a seamstress that can do simple alterations.
I’ve seen Alice and Maxine come out of the change room in dresses that looked amazing on them but the dress would benefit from being shortened. Less confident women are put off by this, but not either of these two. They would say “I look great in this and it will be even more fabulous once it’s has had some alterations.
I dressed a woman for her son’s wedding last summer, it was a small outdoor wedding. She looked amazing in a timeless sleeveless dress, the length was perfect, but she also bought a cover up to wear in the photos and in the evening if it got cooler. I suggested that she have the sleeves shortened, just a little, 1 or 2 inches was all it needed. It would have made the outfit perfect and also show off the bracelet she was planning to wear. Well her life got busy and she never had the sleeves shortened. A couple weeks after the wedding she stopped in and said “I wish I had listened to you, that cover up bugged me the whole time. The sleeves were too long and I kept shoving them up, that made the outfit look sporty instead of crisply finished. It looked messy and that’s not what I had hoped for”.
Moral of the story... get it altered! Don’t put off buying something that can be perfect once you shorten it. You will enjoy the garment so much more and with the added confidence or knowing it fits correctly.