Shapeez: 360* Perfection

Modern Shapewear is an essential part of making you look your best. Long gone are the days of ugly, uncomfortable foundation garments. Beautiful, modern, breathable pieces are available. Shapeez, a Canadian company that manufactures all of its lines in Canada, is my choice for Shape Wear. The beauty of Shapeez is that it combines the best back fat eliminator bra and a body shaper in one.  It slims, smoothies and supports the girls beautifully.  Leaving you with a smooth look that will boost your appearance and confidence.  Having a properly fitting bar makes such a difference to how you look in your clothes.  The Shapeez bra is beautifully supportive, comfortable and breathable, but what women love is how it eliminates bra bulges!  

Women come into The Kawartha Store all the time and try on clothes.  Sometimes they are not totally satisfied with how they look in a clingy top or dress because their bra’s elastic band is cutting into their backs showing the “back fat”.   But when handed a Shapeez to try on under that same dress they are always so much happier.  Like magic, they get a totally different look, but it’s not magic at all, it’s just getting put into the right size bra that smooths you out as well.  A Shapeez will leave you with a smooth back, no muffin top.  You'll be feeling confident and loving the way you look in your outfits.