Stuck in a Rut? Let Us Help!

Stuck in a rut? Fashions ruts are easy to get into and once there sometimes more difficult to break free of. Here are a few really common ruts:

  1. Always wearing black
  2. Always wearing leggings
  3. Always carrying the same handbag
  4. get the idea.  

We all have fashion things we do to excess. Walking into a store there are things that we are more attracted to than others, like black or maybe the bright colours, that’s natural. It happens to me too. If you look in my closet you will find way too many tops that are black and white stripes. I love stripes and I love black and white. So my wardrobe has become overrun with them. I can’t give up my stripes so now I try to add more colours in the stripes. Like black, white and red or pastel stripes. And this past year I have finally started wearing browns and “Fall Colours” that was a big change for me and now I’m loving it.  

At The Kawartha Store, we love it when we have customers come in for help and they say “I wear too much black, in fact, I wear it most of the time and I need to make a change.” So fun to have the challenge. Let us dress you a little outside your comfort zone. We will suggest clothing that might not be what you would first pick up, but you never know, you might be thrilled with what we come up with for you. We can do this virtually as well. All you need is a bit of an open mind. Let us dress you.