Where to Wear It?

Today I want to look at the effect of where you place your necklace on your neck has on to the overall look of your outfit. Study the photo below for a moment.

Which one do you think looks the best? What are the differences between the 3 photos? Which one makes the mannequin’s neck look longer?  

What we have here is an Anne-Marie Chagnon necklace made from pewter, glass, resin & leather. As with most of Anne-Marie Chagnon necklaces, the clasp can be adjusted to 3 different lengths, which gives you the versatility of how and what you wear it with.  

Okay, did you answer the 1st question: which photo looks best?

They are close to the same but with slight differences. The answer for this outfit is the 3rd one. Why? Because it has the least distance between the bottom of the necklace and the top of the tunic. With the necklace at this length, it also lengthens the look of the neck.

When you are choosing pieces to lie on your skin the best looks come from having only a small space between the fabric of the neckline and the necklace.

So when would the necklace look best in the shortest position?

Well with a crew neck top or over a tight turtleneck where the necklace would lie on top of the seams. The 2nd position would look really great with a crisp white collared blouse.       

The Anne-Marie Chagnon necklace we chose creates sculptural and expressive jewellery for women that want to distinguish themselves by their aesthetic sense and independence of spirit. She creates jewellery for Cirque du Soleil and many of the world's large museums. Here’s a big plus,  Anne-Marie Chagnon pieces are all made in Canada!!